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Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs on homes are not a common choice.  But if you would like to install a flat roof on your home, depending on the area in which you live, you will pay around $200-$400 per square foot.  Some of the options available for installation of a flat roof in Surrey are as follows:

  1. Built-Up Roof

A built-up roof is exactly what it sounds like.  It is built up.  This time-honored method involves layering steel, insulation, and a special type of roofing felt with asphalt or coal tar.  The top layer is often topped off with gravel, or stone, which makes the roof nicer looking and better for walking around on.  

With all those layers, the Built-Up Roof is very heavy, so roof supports need to be much stronger than they need to be with other kinds of roofs.  But Built-Up Roofs are very strong, have a fantastic R-factor, and are the cheapest flat roof method available.

  1. Modified Bitumen flat roof

Modified Bitumen is an asphalt that has been modified with polymers and reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.  Modified Bitumen is excellent at resisting punctures and is strong and durable.  When Modified Bitumen is installed, extreme heat is needed to cause adherence to the roof.  When this is done improperly, fires can be started.  Be sure to have a trained professional install your Modified Bitumen roofing in Surrey.

3. Rubber membrane flat roof

Rubber membrane or Synthetic Rubber (EPDM) is a single membrane roof that is resistant to UV rays and is hard to puncture or tear.  EPDM is very light and adheres directly to the roof deck.  EPDM can be coated with a lighter color to help it reflect the sun.  It is also easy to repair if a leak is found.  

Rubber membrane roofs are more expensive than the other options for a flat roof but are easier to install and repair.

These are some commonly installed flat roofs that you will find in Surrey.