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Problems That Are Often Encountered On The Roof Of The House

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in roofing | 0 comments

The roof of the house is one part of the house that often. This is certainly very reasonable because the roof of the house is one part of the house that most often experiences changes in the weather such as exposure to heat, rain, or wind, and all that causes the roof of the house to be risky and fragile. When the roof of our house is fragile, then we have to fix it and of course the process of repairing this roofing will be time and cost is not small. Especially if you are not expert enough in repairing a damaged roof, of course, you need a handyman or an expert to install the roof. Before we move on to how to repair damaged roofs or tiles, we need to hazard any problems that often happen to our roofs. By knowing it, then we can create anticipatory steps so that later the roof of our house is not easily damaged in the future.

Unlike walls or floors that often get regular maintenance and cleaning, the roof is part of the house that is often forgotten to be cleaned. The roof often gets less attention. Sometimes, we just realized there are some parts on the roof or tiles are damaged in the event of a leak, when it rains. In addition, often we see a tile that falls down because the holder is no longer strong. Moreover, if a lot of garbage leaves on the roof of our house, the roof will be more easily fragile. For that, it needs to be done periodic cleaning and checking on the tile, overcome for a tile from a house that is decades old. The big trees around our house besides providing the cooling benefits of the outdoors, but also can bring disaster, especially for the roof in our house. The growth of stems and twigs are fairly high up to the roof tile roof on the roof of our house. The branches of a tree can continue to progress and slow cracks are made tile.

In addition, trees that are already very large will easily fall down, first if there is heavy rain or strong winds. This fallen tree can collapse on the roof of the house and destroy some roof tiles that we have holes. So that the rain does not seep into the ceiling to leak into the house, sometimes plastic or zinc installed under the tile. Plastic or zinc is able to dispel water to not directly touch the ceiling of the house that can result in leakage. However, zinc or plastic is very easy to tear or perforated, first when he was tens of years and never replaced. Mountain, the roof can no longer hold seepage of air and air will fall to the ceiling of the house causing leakage. For that, we must check the condition of zinc or plastic, before the rainy season arrives so that the rain does not enter our house.

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