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Fixed the Roof Tilt

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in roofing | 0 comments

The roof that is too sloped can also cause the roof of your house to leak. This is because rain water becomes slow or difficult to flow down so that it pools on the roof of the house and seeps into the house. The only way to overcome this roofing issue is to improve the level of the roof slope of your house. Keep the roof slope reach at about 45 degrees because, with the higher level of the slope, the leakage into the house is less likely to happen. One solution you can practice at home, for those of you who would like to save time on buying good quality tiles as the price is quite expensive. I advise using the roof carpet anti-leaking house as a tile coating the house.

This method is quite good but not as effective as if you use a quality tile as a roof cover your home. Home water gutters or sewage pipes that have been damaged, clogged, or the location of the slope is also less can cause the roof of your house to leak. Always check the gutter of your home regularly, especially before the rainy season arrives. If damaged, immediately replace the gutter before it becomes a serious leak problem.

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