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How To Overcome Leaking Asbestos Roof

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in roofing | 0 comments

The rainy season is slowly coming. Usually many problems caused by the rain. Especially if the rain that comes with strong winds. The problem that usually arises is a leak on the roof of the house. Here are the factors that cause leakage on the asbestos roof; Incorrect and Careless Installation of Asbestos Processes, this error usually results in a cavity on the sidelines of the tile so that water can enter through the cavities. Selection of Used Asbestos Materials; Choose sheet material such as asbestos, cement fiber, ardex, zinc stainless, or bitumen (asphalt). This material has a cavity between material that gives slope tolerance on roofing to less than 30 degrees. So the water can flow smoothly. Compared using materials such as clay tiles, concrete, ceramics, or wood shingles.

How to Cope Leakage on the asbestos roof; Clean the area from the dust and make sure it is completely dry, check the roof and make sure the leak location is right, check the hole for the leak, if only cracked, you can directly apply a kind of waterproof to your asbestos. If the cracks are greater than 0.5 to 1 cm, patch the asbestos with unmixed cement, stir until liquid and stick to the hollow, wait until it is completely dry and hardens, then coat it with waterproof.

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