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Types of Flat Roofs

Posted by on Jul 28, 2017 in roofing | 0 comments

Flat roofs on homes are not a common choice.  But if you would like to install a flat roof on your home, depending on the area in which you live, you will pay around $200-$400 per square foot.  Some of the options available for installation of a flat roof in Surrey are as follows:

  1. Built-Up Roof

A built-up roof is exactly what it sounds like.  It is built up.  This time-honored method involves layering steel, insulation, and a special type of roofing felt with asphalt or coal tar.  The top layer is often topped off with gravel, or stone, which makes the roof nicer looking and better for walking around on.  

With all those layers, the Built-Up Roof is very heavy, so roof supports need to be much stronger than they need to be with other kinds of roofs.  But Built-Up Roofs are very strong, have a fantastic R-factor, and are the cheapest flat roof method available.

  1. Modified Bitumen flat roof

Modified Bitumen is an asphalt that has been modified with polymers and reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.  Modified Bitumen is excellent at resisting punctures and is strong and durable.  When Modified Bitumen is installed, extreme heat is needed to cause adherence to the roof.  When this is done improperly, fires can be started.  Be sure to have a trained professional install your Modified Bitumen roofing in Surrey.

3. Rubber membrane flat roof

Rubber membrane or Synthetic Rubber (EPDM) is a single membrane roof that is resistant to UV rays and is hard to puncture or tear.  EPDM is very light and adheres directly to the roof deck.  EPDM can be coated with a lighter color to help it reflect the sun.  It is also easy to repair if a leak is found.  

Rubber membrane roofs are more expensive than the other options for a flat roof but are easier to install and repair.

These are some commonly installed flat roofs that you will find in Surrey.


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Fixed the Roof Tilt

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in roofing | 0 comments

The roof that is too sloped can also cause the roof of your house to leak. This is because rain water becomes slow or difficult to flow down so that it pools on the roof of the house and seeps into the house. The only way to overcome this roofing issue is to improve the level of the roof slope of your house. Keep the roof slope reach at about 45 degrees because, with the higher level of the slope, the leakage into the house is less likely to happen. One solution you can practice at home, for those of you who would like to save time on buying good quality tiles as the price is quite expensive. I advise using the roof carpet anti-leaking house as a tile coating the house.

This method is quite good but not as effective as if you use a quality tile as a roof cover your home. Home water gutters or sewage pipes that have been damaged, clogged, or the location of the slope is also less can cause the roof of your house to leak. Always check the gutter of your home regularly, especially before the rainy season arrives. If damaged, immediately replace the gutter before it becomes a serious leak problem.

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Repair or Replace House Roof

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The tile is man-made where nothing is perfect in it. Sometimes the roof of our house is correct for the arrangement of tile and tile type selection, but still, there is a leak. Once in check, there was a cracked tile or a small hole. Cracks or small holes that cause roofing leaks are also not allowed. Because later can propagate to the other tile as well. To fix this, you can use by painting your house tile with anti-leak paint.

Sometimes our home tile is old to be easy to crack. There are also house tiles that break until the sun can enter the house. This could also be due to the length of use of tile and or poor quality of tile that we have. To overcome the broken house tile or have been rotten because of this usage, you can overcome by replacing the tile with a new house. Do not forget to buy a quality tile so that the roof does not leak back in the future.

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Easy and Effective Way to Overcome Leaking House Roof

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The rainy season is coming soon. And leakage is a common problem common in almost every home. When a leak happens, it involves suffering water into the house and disrupting all our family movements. Both small and big leaks, we better not underestimate and always ask if the leaking roof becomes more severe, we will increasingly difficult to fix it. Dirty house roofs and lots of garbage can hamper the rain water that comes so that the water will be stagnant on the roof and cause leakage. This usually occurs in rural houses or houses surrounded by shady trees. The roofing solution is to clean the roof of the house regularly. Especially before the rainy season arrives. Try not too long garbage piled on the roof because it also can make your home tile becomes vulnerable to breaking.

Hot weather and poorly ventilated house attics can make our house tiles quicker down. This can lead to cracked or even broken roofs. Become a disturbing problem during the rainy season. To overcome this is by providing enough space for your attic building so that the heat received by the tile in summer becomes sufficient. But if it is already for less ventilation, you can do the tactic by modifying the vent and some enough air cavity in the attic of your house.

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How To Overcome Leaking Asbestos Roof

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The rainy season is slowly coming. Usually many problems caused by the rain. Especially if the rain that comes with strong winds. The problem that usually arises is a leak on the roof of the house. Here are the factors that cause leakage on the asbestos roof; Incorrect and Careless Installation of Asbestos Processes, this error usually results in a cavity on the sidelines of the tile so that water can enter through the cavities. Selection of Used Asbestos Materials; Choose sheet material such as asbestos, cement fiber, ardex, zinc stainless, or bitumen (asphalt). This material has a cavity between material that gives slope tolerance on roofing to less than 30 degrees. So the water can flow smoothly. Compared using materials such as clay tiles, concrete, ceramics, or wood shingles.

How to Cope Leakage on the asbestos roof; Clean the area from the dust and make sure it is completely dry, check the roof and make sure the leak location is right, check the hole for the leak, if only cracked, you can directly apply a kind of waterproof to your asbestos. If the cracks are greater than 0.5 to 1 cm, patch the asbestos with unmixed cement, stir until liquid and stick to the hollow, wait until it is completely dry and hardens, then coat it with waterproof.

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